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I've tried a few different times to make a decent command line pastebin - each ended up being super bloated and slow. I think I've finally succeeded in that goal though - with the help of Zack Buhman I made ptpb.

ptpb is ultralight, ultrafast and feature rich. It is written entirely in Python and is completely open source. I'm a big advocate for keeping your own data, so I wanted to make sure ptpb could be deployed by anybody who wants to roll their own version of it so I/we have written detailed deployment instructions in the repo.

A quick overview of things ptpb can do:

  • Make pastes (obviously)
  • Edit pastes (using a UUID that is given to you when you make a paste, secure and easy)
  • Handle all types of data (images, documents, pdf's, bits in bits out)
  • Display all types of data (append the extension and your browser does the rest)
  • Render different types of text with syntax highlighting
  • Forced SSL everywhere

Thanks to Zack, this is all done extremely quickly and in a (relatively) light fashion. My latest tests show ptpb outperforming all of the major competitors in this realm (,

I'm super pumped about this project - give it a whirl!