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SpacePanel development is continuing to move forward - that being said, I'm super excited to announce the next step in making SpacePanel amazing, the SpacePanel Indiegogo Campaign!

We are looking to raise $5,000 to go towards continuing to expand SpacePanel. Our primary goals with this campaign include:

  • Bringing somebody on board for UX
  • Bringing somebody on board for LXC/Docker support
  • Improving our infrastructure so we can offer cool stuff like free DNS

To quote the Indiegogo page, we have a number of goals we look to accomplish in the future including:

  • Support Debian/Ubuntu
  • Support Xen
  • Add support for LXC
  • Add more cloud / VPS providers
  • Add complete host management from SpacePanel (services, updates, the whole shebang!)

And for more long term goals:

  • Integrated ticketing system
  • Integrated billing system
  • Integrated DNS support
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Autoconfiguration of cloud servers (package management via GUI)
  • Reseller capabilities
  • Multi-host support, including migrations and storage management
  • Free DNS to all SpacePanel users (hosted on our infrastructure)

If you are willing to donate your time to develop any of the features we would love to have you! Hit us up on Twitter @Space_Panel or shoot us an email at social (at)