Another year is coming to an end, thankfully. Like most others, I have had a rather dreadful year, bidding 2016 farewell will be quite satisfying. The end of the year always makes me reflect on how things went over the course of the year. This year I have been thinking quite a bit about pivotal moments.

Looking back, there are a number of moments in my life that drastically altered where I am today. At the time, these decisions did not feel like they would be pivotal. In some cases, the outcome was disappointing, in others, indifference, and in some I fought tooth and nail to prevent that outcome.

But, despite my efforts, things ended up happening this way, this specific way and I am where I am because of each and every one of those minute decisions.

This got me thinking, what was the first pivotal decision that I made? Was it deciding not to play soccer in middle school? Picking to sit next to X or Y at lunch? At some point in my past there was a moment that created this particular path through life. I don't know what this moment was, but I wish I did.

After thinking about this extensively lately I've decided that I need to start living in the now more often, rather than the future. The decisions we make today can be the pivotal decisions we look back on in a few year's time. Taking time to live in the moment and ultimately make yourself susceptible to these pivotal moments can shape your future in a big way.

Think before you act, but not too much. Happy New Years everybody!