SpacePanel started as a learning experience primarily - I wanted to learn the in's and out's of virtualization using libvirt. Given the nature of the project, that basic goal was quickly met. However, during the early stages of development SpacePanel received a fair amount of attention from colleagues and general folks across the internet, this inspired me to continue developing SpacePanel. I've never had one of my projects receive any significant amount of attention so I was honestly surprised when SpacePanel was received this way.

Eventually SpacePanel grew to the point I needed help. Lev Lazinskiy, my good friend and former colleague at Linode joined the team to help move development further. The project continued to grow and we eventually reached a point where we simply needed more resources to make SpacePanel bigger, better and hopefully a success. We started an Indiegogo campaign shortly after. Unfortunately, despite lots of hits and encouraging comments we fell significantly short of our fundraising goal. This put Lev and myself in an uncomfortable situation of not knowing what to do next.

Shortly after this we were contacted by the founders of Virtkick. After a bit of discussion with the founders it was decided that instead of trying to go at it alone (and with extremely limited resources) with SpacePanel, I would join their efforts and work on Virtkick exclusively. This started on a trial basis, but recently it was decided that I would continue doing this on a full time basis.

With this being said, it is with a heavy heart that I am officially ending the development of SpacePanel. If you are interested in a control panel like SpacePanel I would highly recommend taking a look at Virtkick. Virtkick is exactly what I eventually wanted SpacePanel to be and I am confident you will enjoy using it.

To those who generously donated to the SpacePanel project, free free to reach out to me at if you would like to reclaim your donation.

In closing, I'd like to run through a few numbers (I like numbers and statistics) concerning SpacePanel:

  • 111 total stars on Github
  • 221 commits spanning a 5 month timeline
  • 58 issues total
  • 30 closed issues
  • 3 milestones met, 1 pending
  • 11 pull requests
  • 2 non-author contributors - KeiroD and deanperry
  • 2 authors
  • ~70,000 lines of code
  • Countless hours of development time

It's been a fun ride - thank you for those who have helped along the way.